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Help Us Grow

We’ve already worked with a huge array of charities to secure the rent-free commercial space they need. If you know of a good cause that would benefit from our help, please tell us about them here.

At the same time, we’re saving landlords money on empty premises and helping them give back to communities. If you know a landlord who wants to achieve cost efficiency while doing the right thing, why not put us in touch or send them this website?

Our Approach

We believe that where there’s space, there’s room for good. Through the trusted Temporary Use Aid network, we build highly effective charity-landlord partnerships. Matching charities to properties, we align best-fit social causes with best-placed commercial spaces. With Rainbow Rising, everybody wins.

Thanks to our moral compass and deep, proven understanding of tax and accountancy, we’re able to maximise financial savings for all parties. Widely agreed to be the most ethical approach to empty property rates mitigation, our approach helps landlords (including councils) give back to communities for free.

Our Property Portfolio

We’re building a real presence where it matters. Featuring a range of retail, warehouse and office spaces to suit different charities of every size, our portfolio is helping to reinvigorate high streets, secondary parades and shopping centres across the UK’s towns and cities.

For landlords, we bring big financial savings with a feel-good factor

* We match you with a charity for FREE

* We give you a 50%+ ethical rates reduction

* We eradicate the threat of squatters

* We reduce your overall empty building costs

* You’re doing your CSR work at ZERO COST – and saving your business money

For charities, we offer a rent-free shopfront to reach wider audiences than ever before

* We find you commercial space for FREE

* We secure you a tenancy with NO RENT to pay

* We cover your business rates charge

* We give you a real shopfront in a strategic location

* You’re reaching more people than ever at ZERO COST

Wondering how your charity or property can benefit? Want to learn how to reduce costs on your empty buildings aka voids?
Get in touch to find out how we can help.

About Us

Rainbow Rising is an initiative by charity Temporary Use Aid, which is supported by ASTOP, a leading ethical rates mitigation expert. This established network advises the charity sector, commercial landlords and CSR budget holders on property and financial matters. By harnessing ASTOP’s trusted relationships, Rainbow Rising is helping more landlords and charities benefit from empty property rates mitigation for financial good and ethical gain.

Our Clients

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Whether you want to make good use of an empty commercial space, or you’re looking for a shopfront for your charity, talk to Rainbow Rising today.

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